Bad Music for Loud Neighbors CD set on iTunes and Amazon

  • This CD makes it sound like you practice a musical instrument poorly. Play it on your stereo and your neighbors will go insane. 26 instruments to match every occasion. Put a track on loop and leave the house. Here are some ideas:
  • Tired of crappy street musicians? Play back "their instrument" from your window.
  • Unbearable guitar noodling next door? Overdub their jam session with "your guitar solo from hell".
  • Want your neighbor's windows closed? "Practice your bagpipes" for a few hours.
  • Stealth revenge? Play "Microphone Feedback". It's impossible to locate the ear piercing high-pitch noise!
  • Too many freeloaders at your café? Play this CD to make space for new customers.
  • Lost for words? Play the violin onto your ex's answering machine.
  • Not esoteric but like the park? Disperse that awful drum circle with our bongo track.
  • Need to pretend you're doing something else with your hands? Rehearse your cello.
  • Hate your coworkers? Set your horrific flute solo as their smartphone's ringtone!
  • Traffic rage much? Play this in your car stereo to get back at pedestrians and bike messenger.
  • Trouble waking up? Set your alarm to play this CD!
  • Pleasure in pain? You found your soundtrack!
Because hooking up your iPhone to a stereo is a bitch. So is finding the "loop" function. And: Our CDs are perfect gifts.
If you believe in "Intelligent Home" and "Internet of Things" you'll know how to play stuff from your iPhone onto loudspeakers and can proceed to iTunes or Amazon.
Hell, yeah to both. Give the gift of weaponized music and we send them your present for you.
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