Bad Music for Loud Neighbors CD set on iTunes and Amazon

Loud neighbors - The solution!

Weaponized music at your service

Introducing 26 horribly played solo instruments to drive your enemies insane by making it sound like you’ve taken up playing an instrument. Badly. For very long. Put a track on loop and leave the house. By the time you get back they’ll be packing to move.

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Bad Music Vol. 1

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Bad Music Vol. 2

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Bad Music for Loud Neighbors - Worst CD ever!

Sonic Revenge

Whether your neighbors annoy you with parties, dogs, music, or loud TV you now have a secret weapon that’s sinister, inventive, and inconspicuous all at once.

How does it work?

You know how it’s difficult to hold a conversation while someone else is talking obnoxiously? It’s the same for horrible music but with a large advantage: Badly played music attacks more parts of the brain than just ordinary loud noises. A poorly played musical instrument is impossible to ignore and will cut through walls, windows, and ambient noise like magic.

Bad Music for Loud Neighbors - Worst CD ever!

Jam Jammer

If your neighbors are “musicians” you’ll be happy to know that this CD probably contains the same solo instrument they’re playing. Just much, much worse: If they play the guitar and hear another guitar played horribly they’ll find it impossible to practice or jam. Worst of all they fear that everyone will think it’s THEM playing this crappy. Result: They stop.

Playing badly is an art

It’s harder than you think. We locked 23 gifted instrumentalists into our studio and didn’t let them leave until all tapes were filled and all bottles emptied. The result is a hilarious library of ear-bending terror nothing short of ingenious. The playing is bad enough for even tone-deaf folks to recognize as miserable musicianship but it never sounds like purposely butchering an instrument.

Sounds like YOU

Each track is expertly mastered to sound as natural as it came out of the instrument: Clean and no effects added (so it sounds like your room, not like a concert stage) but all tell-tales removed (breaths, pedals, keys shouldn’t be heard from afar). Nobody will accuse you of playing a loud stereo. Instead you’ll just “practice your violin" for a few hours. Enjoy!

Vol. 1

  1. Bad Violin (Stradivariable Indiscretion)
  2. Bad Piano (Choppin' Chopin)
  3. Bad Electric Guitar (Mercurious Freddie)
  4. Bad Drums (Gin Krupa Supa Dupa)
  5. Bad Ukulele (Honolulu-Lola Hollers Lullaby)
  6. Bad Bagpipes (Highland Lows)
  7. Bad Saxophone (Saxual Deviations)
  8. Bad Trombone (Bone To Pick)
  9. Bad Flute (Nasty Shiny Blow Stick)
  10. Bad Accordion (Misericcordion Polka)
  11. Bad Trumpet (Horned Saints)
  12. Bad Drum Circle (Alley Bongo)
  13. Bad Microphone Feedback (Screechy Hurty)

Vol. 2

  1. Bad Cello (Fat Fiddle Gone Bad)
  2. Bad Acoustic Guitar (Acoustic Accosting)
  3. Bad Mexican Trumpet (Mariachi Gesundheit)
  4. Bad Cuban Piano (Tatiana does Havana)
  5. Bad Latin Percussion (Ditto, Puente)
  6. Bad Soprano Sax (OMG they killed KBG)
  7. Bad Electric Bass (Gone Bass Fishing)
  8. Bad Melodica (Hohner’s Revenge)
  9. Bad Piccolo (Nasal Basel)
  10. Bad Djembe (Ladies and Djemblemen)
  11. Bad Harmonica (Harmonikamikaze)
  12. Bad Double Bass (Mingusitis Tremens)
  13. Bad Latin Rock Guitar (Vade Retro Santanas)

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