Bad Music for Loud Neighbors CD set on iTunes and Amazon

Loud neighbors finally move thanks to ingenious CD

What started as a hobby soon became the best remedy against evil neighbors. Meet the producers behind the quirky CD that wins neighborly quarrels for you.

Bad Music for Loud Neighbors - Worst CD ever!

About this production

Written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and designed by Steve Sheraton, this CD is testament to the quirky mind of a renaissance man who can’t stop creating with little or no assistance. 
If you have “iBeer”  (like 90 million other iPhone and Android users) you’re familiar with Sheraton’s sense of functional absurdist comedy. Absent from the public eye for 8 years after selling his novelty company in 2008, Sheraton is back with a personal project your enemies will love to hate. Everyone at SnickerDuck is thrilled to work with the legend who allowed us exclusive international distributorship for his hillarious oeuvre.
More about Steve Sheraton...

About Steve Sheraton

Swiss-born Steve Sheraton’s career started at the famed Hollywood Magic Castle into which he snuck underage (the 80s) and promptly got hired into the main show. Subsequently he starred with luminaries such as Ray Charles, headlined Las Vegas spectacles, and appeared on international TV specials.
90s TV shows loved Sheraton's wacky silent comedy reminiscent of Danny Kaye (thanks to Jim Carrey's popularity at the time) and catapulted him into headliner status at Cabaret Casino Monte Carlo and the Riviera Casino, Las Vegas. Sheraton retired from stage in 1997 and has since owned movie theaters in Switzerland, saved jazz clubs in San Francisco, broke software houses in Barcelona, and produced Grammy shortlisted CDs in Los Angeles. As a designer, cinematographer, audio engineer, coder, and cunning linguist conversing in 7 languages, Sheraton was the perfect man to found legendary novelty company “Hottrix”, which he sold in 2008 so he could dedicate his life to travel and the arts. Sheraton's son (2014) likes tripods, light switches, and ducks.

From the producer

I’m sharing my passion with you: Recordings of horribly played instruments. Hi, I’m Steve Sheraton and I like to invent wacky things.
During the last 8 years of travel I befriended many musicians who were different from those I had experienced during the previous years of producing CDs and live concerts. A traveller’s friendship without strings attached, I finally found the environment necessary to bring an idea to life I’ve had for a long time: Virtuosos playing poorly.

A vaudevillian at heart, I’ve always admired the combination of music and comedy. As a magician and hobby neuroscientist the concept of “functional music” (shopping mall soundtracks, sleep aid compositions) fascinates me to no end. So I attempted to combine those disciplines into a new genre that’ll hit many nerves for different reasons. An eclectic cocktail of music and situational comedy with a dash of devious behavioral psychology.

When I settled down last summer and finally had time to master the recordings from the road my dream came true. I haven’t stopped laughing ever since. And so did everyone who heard it. For diverse motives: The strangeness of the product, the awfulness of the music, the sheer brilliance of some of the tracks (Violin and Piano are my favorite) that manage to vividly tell the touching story of ambition and comedic failure. But mainly: The instant proof-pudding, witnessing the awe-inspiring mixture of cringe, laughter, and flashbulb moment “hey I could use this on…” in everyone who hears a track.

It’s been a pleasure creating something as wacky as my last hit (iBeer for iPhone and Android) and I’m happy that “Bad Music for Loud Neighbors” outdoes its predecessor in one major aspect. It’s not just bizarre and funny, but it actually solves a real problem. This CD won’t sell as many units as said app because we all agree that beer is more important than “revenge by weaponized music” and that’s OK with you and I: After all it’s our secret weapon. Enjoy!

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